The Alliance of the Bat

The Alliance of the Bat is one of the most unusual coalitions in Isbran, made up of the ancient race of dwarves and the relatively young race of the Wuflkin, brought close by the harshness of mountain living. Barbarians, templars and undead alike had always considered the highlands a mere field to wage their wars, and none paid any mind to those to whom it was home. The somewhat few in number dwarves and wulfkin were merely a speck on the map for generals planning out their campaigns. But with the establishing of the Alliance, the balance of power shifted overnight, much to the surprise and chagrin of the other nations.

Ambushes had been laid for the marching armies in valleys and ravines. Hand in hand, dwarves and wulfkin harried trespassers to their lands. The reasons for the intrusions mattered little – templars of the Order of the Ram were treated no better than Mork barbarians. All without exception were greeted by the proud warriors of the Alliance of the Bat willing to spill blood in defense of their homes.

The up-till-then unknown combination of wulfkin might and cunning with the tactical acumen of dwarves yielded the Alliance a string of victories. Their enemies soon learned the extent of the change that had occurred and now think twice before attempting to cross the mountains.

The Alliance gave both nations a ray of hope... In the case of dwarves, for their legacy to live on, and the wulfkin – their entire race. The struggle is far from over, however... And the one raging upon the surface pales in comparison with the angers lurking deep beneath the mountains.

The Wulfkin have been slowly assimilating dwarven customs and secrets and shed their primitive and savage nature ruled by instinct long ago. Ever more packs are settling down in depopulated dwarven forts. Over the years that have passed since the forging of the Alliance, the bonds between the two races have grown exceptionally tight.

Wulfkin packs have always been fierce in defending their territories... Lately, it has been ever more common for them to think of the mountains as their homeland, which means the dwarven strongholds will soon disgorge an army desirous of more than self-defense...

It has been a long time since fire burned so strong in the furnaces, and the clangor of hammers rang without pause. A war approaches, the first to be declared by the Alliance. None who stand in their way should feel safe. Not even Death herself.